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At the HOIC professional development day on Friday February 14th, HOIC President William Lapp presented the inaugural HOIC Legacy Awards to Robin Roberts and Jeff Hinman. Roberts was selected in the athletic realm for his contributions at Tri-Valley High School and Hinman was selected in the academic realm for his contributions as one of the founding members of the HOIC as an administrator at Tremont. Congratulations to two well-deserving Legacy Award recipients!

The HOIC will select Legacy Award recipients every other year — one for athletics and one for academics. The awards will be presented at the HOIC professional development day. Member schools can nominate one person for in each area.
Nominees can be coaches, sponsors, teachers, athletic directors, administrators, or other staff members.


The HOIC will present its annual professional development event on Friday February 14th at Illinois State University. Educators from HOIC schools will gather for this year’s keynote speaker, Lester Laminack. The HOIC will also present its inaugural Legacy Awards at the event.

Each year, the HOIC plans professional development activities for educators of member schools. Every other year, the event typically includes a keynote speaker. Professional development has been a major focus of the HOIC since the conference formed, demonstrating that the HOIC is about more than just athletics. Besides the annual event, the conference organizes monthly meetings for teachers to gather, share knowledge, and network.

For more information about Lester Laminack, visit his website:


The Tremont Turks went 7-0 in the HOIC Duals to claim the 2020 HOIC Wrestling Championship. Heyworth was second at 6-1 while LeRoy was third at 5-2.

Full Results:

Dual Records

Tremont 7-0
Heyworth 6-1
LeRoy 5-2
EPG 4-3
Dee-Mack 1-6
Ridgeview 1-6
Eureka 1-6

Dual Finals

At LeRoy 2/1/20

Tremont 41 vs LeRoy-TV 31
GCMSF 49 vs Dee-Mack 30
Heyworth 40 vs EPG 34
Eureka 43 vs Ridgeview 36
LeRoy 44 vs EPG 30
Tremont 58 vs Ridgeview 22
GCMSF 45 vs Eureka 36
Heyworth 57 vs Dee-Mack 23
LeRoy 48 vs Dee-Mack 24
Tremont 45 vs GCMSF 32
Heyworth 55 vs Eureka 24
EPG 42 vs Ridgeview 36
LeRoy 48 vs Eureka 28
Tremont 45 vs Heyworth 24
EPG 40 vs GCMSF 36
Ridgeview 42 vs Dee-Mack 20

East Dual Results

At GCMS 1/28/20

Heyworth 42 Ridgeview 31
LeRoy-TV 40 GCMSF 32
LeRoy-TV 59 Ridgeview 23
Heyworth 53 GCMSF 24
GCMS 45 Ridgeview 27
Heyworth 39 LeRoy-TV 37

West Dual Results

At Tremont 1/28/20

Dee-Mack 43 Eureka 36
Tremont 48 EPG 25
Tremont 56 Eureka 12
EPG 31 Dee-Mack 23
EPG 37 Eureka 36
Tremont 45 Dee-Mack 15


The HOIC Wrestling Duals will get underway this week with Tremont and GCMS hosting on Tuesday January 28th. LeRoy will be the host on Saturday February 1st for the finals of the tournament. Best of luck to all the teams in this year’s event.


The 2020 McLean County/HOIC Girls and Boys Basketball Tournaments have concluded with one familiar champion and one newly-crowned champion.

On the girls side, #2 Eureka won its fourth consecutive championship with a 62-48 win over #4 Fieldcrest. #9 EPG made a great run to claim third place with a win over #6 Fisher. #5 Lexington took fifth place with a victory over #7 Heyworth and #8 Tremont took down #11 Tri-Valley for the consolation championship.

In the boys tournament, #3 Tremont claimed its first tournament title with a 64-61 win over #4 EPG. It was EPG’s second consecutive closely-contested runner-up finish. #1 Fieldcrest edged #2 Dee-Mack in the third place game while #5 Ridgeview downed #7 Tri-Valley for fifth place. #9 Flanagan-Cornell defeated #11 GCMS in the battle of the Falcons for the consolation championship.

Thank you to everyone who organized, managed, worked, volunteered, and attended this year’s tournaments.

Final brackets are linked below:

Boys —

Girls —