HOIC Professional Development Event

Posted by Heart of Illinois Conference on Feb 15 2019 at 12:44PM PST in 2018-19

As part of its mission to provide high-quality professional development to educators and other school staff, the Heart of Illinois Conference offered a training and networking event for paraprofessionals, library and media specialists, and administrative assistants from HOIC schools on Friday Feb. 15th. Victoria Padilla and Kelly Nyert from ROE 17 presented to administrative assistants, Kelli Peterson from Woodford County Special Education Co-op presented to paraprofessionals, and library and media specialists met for networking and collaboration.

The HOIC provides professional development opportunities to its member schools on a regular basis with monthly teacher collaboration meetings. There are also larger-scale annual professional development events sponsored by the conference. Promoting and supporting professional development has been a key element of the HOIC since its formation and will continue to be in the future.